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 Teacher Workshops  

Paula is a regular Workshop Presenter at seminars and conferences in Australia and overseas including the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference, National AUSTA Conference, the UQ Summer Music Program, the USQ Residential Music Pedagogy School, the Queensland Orff Schulwerk Association, the Queensland Youth Orchestra Camps, the Yamaha Academy, the National Institute of Education in Singapore and many others. She is also in high demand as an inservice presenter for classroom music teachers and instrumental teachers.

Every workshop is designed in consultation with the organisers to address the needs of the participants. Some of Paula's favourite workshop topics are listed below.

Dalcroze Topics

  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics

  • Applying kinesthesia to instrumental performance

  • Master class performance preparation (all instruments)

  • Dance forms for the musician

  • The Baroque Suites

  • Improvisation (movement, voice and instruments)

Classroom Topics
  • Understanding Dalcroze

  • Dalcroze activities in the classroom 

  • Exploring classical music through movement

  • Exploring Improvisation

  • Music Games for the classroom

Early Childhood Topics

  • Development of teachers’ music skills Dalcroze Eurhythmic sessions

  • Musical concepts in the early years

  • The format and content of the Music Session

  • Improving listening skills

  • Children can sing!

  • Fundamental rhythm and movement

  • Folk Dances & Games for the young child

  • Demonstration Classes


National Institute of Education seminar (Singapore)
• My team of teachers and the children enjoyed the sessions and came away with a lot of memorable insights.
• The creativity is now much more evident in children as well as the teachers involved in these music sessions.
• Personally, I feel more confident in planning and implementing these sessions.
• This amazing knowledge needs to be shared with others.
• The approach is simple, very practical yet creative. 
• Your workshop gave me the direction I have always needed and looked for, to improve myself in the area of Music. Thank you.
• I look forward to a follow-up workshop sometime soon.


National Institute of Education seminar (Singapore)
• Really looking forward to longer course duration. Really had FUN! Thanks Paula!
• She (Paula) is excellent, gorgeous, very inspiring.
• I wish the duration of the course was longer!

Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference (Charles Sturt University)

• Let’s have Dalcroze everyday!

• I want more!!!

• Very enjoyable.

• Magical.


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