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Music, Moving & Learning in Early Childhood 
Paula Melville-Clark

Music, Moving & Learning in Early Childhood: A manual of songs, lesson plans and basic theory for teachers, students and parents of young children aged 3 – 5 years.





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Wonderful work! Congratulations. It reads so well, & is so comprehensive, clear & well organized - should become a classic!

Wendy Gumpl, Adelaide

In her book, “Music, Moving & Learning in Early Childhood”, well-known Australian music educator Paula Melville-Clark presents a much needed resource for those involved with teaching music to young children. The book is written for early childhood specialists, for music specialists, for parents and for anyone who realizes the potential of music and movement in the early years.

The book examines the fundamental theory and practice behind guiding the musical development of children aged 3 – 5 years and includes a year of lesson plans, a songbook of over 60 original songs and a CD. Presented in three easy to use sections the book is beautifully presented with photos, illustrations and colourful graphics.

This is the book early childhood educators have been asking for. It documents Paula Melville-Clark’s innovative and unique approach to early childhood music education and assists readers in making the teaching of music both enjoyable and achievable.

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