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  Children's Workshops   

Since 1993 Paula has run enjoyable and educational music and movement workshops for children aged 2 - 8 years old.


She uses her extensive experience and training in music and dance to create an exciting and refreshing approach to music education. With 40 years of music teaching and lecturing experience in schools and tertiary institutions she writes and delivers all the classroom material to suit the learning needs of her students.


The content includes games and activities based on the leading philosophies of music education (Dalcroze, Kodaly & Orff) and lays the foundations for musical learning and instrumental playing. Every child receives individual attention in a nurturing and happy environment. 

Children's Holiday Workshops 


Enrol your child in one of our holiday Children's Music & Movement Workshops.


Sessions are held for Early Childhood (2 - 4 years) and Primary aged children (5 - 7 years).  Sessions are 45 - 60 minutes long. Children move, sing, listen and play percussion instruments in a fun filled and nurturing environment that provides a strong foundation for instrumental learning. Activities stimulate the aural, visual and kinesthetic sensory learning systems and tap into the child’s multiple intelligences and developmental areas.

Primary aged children and include enjoyable activities to promote aural awareness, music literacy, in-tune singing, creative movement and reading and writing skills.


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My Channel

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